Nexgen Specialty Pharmacy is a state-licensed and FDA-registered outsourcing facility located inb Arlington, Texas within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex where we deliver high quality sterile and non-sterile pharmaceuticals to our customers across the United States. Our specialized products help lower the cost of patient care in hospitals, surgery centers and clinics by providing the pharmacy department with an opportunity to create more efficient and compliant workflow processes. At Nexgen Specialty Pharmacy, our products are derived from FDA approved, NDC’d products and repackaged into barcoded blister
packs, syringes and other units of use.

Patients First

Our primary commitment is to the health and safety of the patients who are the ultimate end users of our products and the providers that rely on receiving pharmaceuticals of superior quality to administer to their patients.

Quality Products

Our first commitment is to patient safety. We employ varied methods of testing prior to release including sterility, endotoxin, potency and beyond use dating. We are dedicated to providing quality products and have received national accreditation from Medicare, ACHC and PCAB.

Award Winning

Nexgen Specialty Pharmacy, the sterile compounding pharmacy of choice, would be honored to partner with you to create an alliance built on trust, loyalty, service and commitment to consistently provide the highest quality pharmaceuticals, on time.

Our Team

We provide the knowledge, skill & expertise that is second to none with our State of the Art, USP 797 and 800 compliant sterile and sterile hazardous clean rooms. Our team is consistently training to elevate their compounding skills, and stay current with USP, CFR and FDA regulations that define the compounding process in accordance with cGMP standards.

Sterile Compounding

Compounding is performed by highly trained and skilled pharmacists that have years of experience handling various substances for compounding  (under dynamic sterile clean room conditions)  medicinal formulations to create a pharmaceutical grade custom medication for a patient.Our goal is to minimize any patient medication disruption by supplying the discontinued product.

Quality Control

Sterile clean rooms and sterile hazardous clean rooms must be monitored & certified for air flow quality, HEPA filter leak testing, particulate counts and microbial swab testing (analyzed by independent third-party laboratory).  These certification inspections must be performed to ensure the rooms are operating under dynamic conditions,  in the the ISO 14644 Standards.


Protecting, Promoting and Advancing Pharmacy Compounding


Reshaping, redefining and restructuring the face of medicine


FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility Compounding Centers of America - Tools to help us meet the unique needs of our patients


FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility Compounding Accreditation Board - Our commitment to high standards of practice


Accreditation Commission for Health Care - A demonstration of our commitment to quality


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USP 800 compliant

Qualified Team

Our team at Nexgen Specialty Pharmacy consists of highly skilled pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with over 30 years combined experience in compounding sterile products. They possess expertise and passion in this field of pharmacy that is a tremendous asset to physicians, nurses, and the patients they treat. Whether the product needed is a special compound, on the FDA drug shortage list or a discontinued drug item, we will compound the quality and the quantity needed to resupply your hospital, clinic, physicians office, or surgery center shortage.
Michelle Shaw, RPh

The company's Business Development strategies are led by Michelle Shaw, RPh. She began her career with MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX where she gained her initial training and experience in sterile pharmaceutical compounding. Having developed a love for the field of sterile compounding, she went on to become a clinical pharmacist for Caremark Home Infusion, Coram and Methodist Health Systems after relocating to Dallas. Her appreciation for the pharmaceutical, integrative medicine and beauty industries inspire her to create access to highly effective and innovative therapies. A Baton Rouge native, Xavier University and Texas Southern University alumnus, Michelle is a gracious southern girl who enjoys spending time with family, reading, cooking Cajun and Creole dishes and art collecting in her spare time.

Megan Steininger, PharmD

Nexgen Specialty Pharmacy’s sterile operations are led by Dr. Megan Steininger. Originally from Ohio, Megan graduated from The Ohio State University in 2006 with her Doctorate of Pharmacy. She started her pharmacy career as a Nuclear Pharmacist for Cardinal Health when she moved to Texas in 2007. Megan has since worked in several pharmacies in the Dallas Fort Worth area and has almost 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical compounding. She has worked in both sterile and non-sterile pharmacy settings and has managed compounding pharmacies. Megan enjoys working closely with patients and helping fulfil their medication goals

Wendy Wagner, CPhT

Wendy Wagner was born in New Jersey and moved to Dallas when she was a young girl. She has been a native Texan ever since. Wendy graduated from Bishop Dunne High School in Dallas, Class of 1996 and started with Walgreens in 1998. After several years, she went to work for CVS Pro Care, a specialty pharmacy specializing in HIV and Kidney Dialysis Patients. She has been working as a certified pharmacy technician since 2002 and has a passion for helping others with their well-being. She is always happy to help where she can. She has been providing excellent customer service to pharmacy patients for over 20 years. Wendy is an avid pet lover and enjoys spending time with family and friends in her spare time.

Always there to care.

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I have used Nexgen Specialty Pharmacy for a few years to get hydration bags for my patients. The staff is great and easy to work with. My staff can call in and get an order filled pretty quickly - sometimes even the same day! Dr. Shaw is very professional, easy going and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this pharmacy for sterile compounds.

Dr. D Birenbaum



We have placed orders for post surgery nerve block with Nexgen Specialty Pharmacy over the past year. Every time the service has been fantastic! The pharmacist takes my orders with precision and they take care to properly prepare the IV for shipment to our facility to maintain product integrity.

Cynessa, R.N

Bear Creek Surgery Center