Nexgen Specialty Pharmacy is a state-licensed and FDA-registered outsourcing facility located inb Arlington, Texas within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex where we deliver high quality sterile and non-sterile pharmaceuticals to our customers across the United States. Our specialized products help lower the cost of patient care in hospitals, surgery centers and clinics by providing the pharmacy department with an opportunity to create more efficient and compliant workflow processes. At Nexgen Specialty Pharmacy, our products are derived from FDA approved, NDC’d products and repackaged into barcoded blister
packs, syringes and other units of use.



Influence your body with what it needs and expect real results.


Can IV nutritional therapy influence how you look and how you feel?

It definitely can!

When you influence your body with what it needs you will experience beautiful results.

Why?  Here is why.

It all starts with listening to your body.

Are you easily tired?

Pants tighter around your waist?

Skin drier than normal?

Lost your libido?

Struggling to focus?

Anxious, fatigued or feeling stressed?

All of these things may be directly related to how much your body absorbs the vitamins and trace minerals in your diet.

What you may really need is just a shot in the arm.

Well actually, an IV in the arm.

IV Nutritional Therapy has been helping people whose bodies don’t readily absorb vitamins and minerals orally.

None of us really know how much nutrients our bodies actually absorb.

This is why it is important to listen to your body.

Vitamin deficiency is real and these deficiencies can make you feel like you are …kind of falling apart.

We have the right IV Nutritional pack for you.

Once you influence your body with customized IV nutritional therapy, in a short time your body will know what it has been missing.



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